Modern Training Made Simple

Let us help you make your employee trainings engaging and fun!

Custom Solutions

Scorm University has a team of talented developers to deliver completely customized training courses to fit any of your needs. These can range from SOP's to how you want your employees greeting new customers.

Easy integrations

All of our content is 100% Scorm compliant, designed to be used with hundreds of e-learning management systems. If Scorm is your game, we are ready to play!

Cost effective

Our pricing model was designed to make training easier and cheaper for you! All of our content pricing is a fixed, one-time fee. No licensing, no hidden fees.

Our goal

We are here to help your company standardize training, while also making it fun. Engaging employees delivers results, and we are here to help you!

Average Training Statistics

Most companies have out of date trainings that are far from engaging. It results in a large loss of productivity every year. With the help of Scorm University, we can help you become more than just another statistic!


Percentage of companies with outdated training materials.


Percentage of companies with engaged learning.


Average percentage of productivity loss due to inadequate training.

Features and Functionality

Here's some of the things we can incorporate into our trainings!


Gamification is when we take some of the information you have and make it into a fun and easy game to teach your employees. For example, if you work in a manufacturing plant you might have to drag and drop the correct items on the assembly line.

Storytelling Animation

Utilizing the use of animations we can tell a story or show a conversation between two or more characters. This is a great way to turn boring interactions into engaging ones! Animations typically have a 82% chance of increasing retention.

Quizzes and Tests

All of our content comes with the option to add quizzes, tests, and certifications to the end. This way you can ensure your employees understand all of the content delivered to them before moving on to their next task.

Interactive Elements

To ensure your employees are paying 100% attention during the course, there will be multiple areas they need to select or type into. This ensures that all of the employees are actually paying attention during the course and retaining the information.

It was really challenging finding scorm compliant content that fit our exact needs, we are thankful Scorm University was able to fill that niche.

Andrea Saunders

VP, Operations

Scorm University was an absolute pleasure to work with, and I will always keep ScormUniversity in mind when I need LMS content.

Michael LeBlanc

CEO, LeBlanc Consulting

LMS Systems are the future of all employee training. Scorm University is doing great things for this industry!

Mary Adams

Director of Human Resources


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