what is scorm

What is Scorm

I know you might have heard a thing or two about Scorm, its features, advantages, and perhaps you might still be stranded, and you basically have no idea what Scorm is. If you might still be wondering what is Scorm, I have the answer for you! Well, for starters, Scorm is an abbreviation for Shareable Content Object Reference Model.

This is a collection of standards and various specifications designed for web-based electronic educational technology, or what is primarily known as E-Learning. In simple terms, SCORM is a communication channel between a host system and a client via a Learning Management System (LMS).

You might have also seen ZIP files when downloading and sending various documents. Thanks to SCORM, you will get an opportunity to know how these files are transferred into Package Interchange Format (PIF) and their importance in data transfer.

The Scorm Platform

The Scorm communication platform was and is still being developed by the Advanced Distributed Learning, an initiative that was designed and commissioned by the American Department of Defense. Since its inception in the year 2001, SCORM has undergone various upgrades, and different versions have been released in an effort to make communication between different channels a reality. These versions are as follows.

Scorm 1.1 – which was released in January 2001.

Scorm 1.2 – which was an improved version of 1.1. The version was released in October 2001, and it included a set of management systems which solved the issues which could not be addressed by version 1.1.

Scorm 2004 – which was released in January 2004. This version has a set of more complex systems which are in a position to support complex sequencing of the content used by different paths as desired by the user.

What is a Scorm Package and How to Use It:

A Scorm package is a self-contained XML-file that contains several contents which are defined by the Scorm standard. The XML file must have all the information required to fire up the specified course in a Scorm compliant LMS. A Scorm compliant LMS is a system that can accept any content that happens to be Scorm-compliant.

The self-contained ZIP/XML file is usually known as a Package Interchange File, and it houses the files that are required to deliver the entire content package via a Scorm run-time environment. For the Scorm package to be effective, mandatory contents must be available. These contents are such as XML manifest file, all Schema files referenced by the primary manifest file, and all the resource files used by the content package.

The manifest file (imsmanifest.xml) usually describes the overall content package. Each Scorm package must contain an imsmanifest.xml file in its root so as to facilitate a coordinated communication platform. The Schema files which are described as .dtd files and .xsd files usually describe the manifest file format and must also appear in the root of the LMS source package. This is a great advantage since many users can use this package to transfer and share information easily.

Benefits of Scorm:

Scorm has a lot of benefits to each user who can take maximum advantage of the system accordingly. The following are some of the benefits.

1. Scorm Compliant LMS Systems

Scorm can be used across all Scorm compliant LMS systems. What this basically means is that, as long as the communication platform that you are using is in compliant with the Learning Management System, you can easily access various files with no difficulties whatsoever. Apart from this, the universal compatibility of Scorm has made it a reality for E-learners to employ the educational content properly without the fear of encountering errors.

2. Scorm is Adaptable

Scorm enables adaptability in that it allows the content authors to mix and match different SCO’s in an effort to create a unique training program that suits the various groups. It also allows different content authors to write different sequencing rules that can adapt to suit the progress of the learner.

3. Scorm is Durable

Scorm is durable in that it can withstand the evolution of technology without necessarily incurring extra costs associated with re-coding, redesigning and reconfiguration.

4. Scorm is Affordable

Affordability is another significant advantage of implementing and using Scorm. Though many users have termed the implementation of Scorm as hard and expensive, due to the sequencing process, when applied appropriately, Scorm can generate positive results and save you a lot of cash in the long run.

5. Scorm is Simple

Thanks to its adaptability and simplified integration, Scorm can be used indefinitely to train different users. With Scorm, you can tailor different instructions to suit the needs of an individual or an organization.
Based on the information covered in this article, I believe that you are in a position to understand what Scorm is, its uses, and the advantages when applied accordingly.

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