training videos for employees

Enhance Workplace Performance with Training Videos for Employees

As an employer with years of experience in running a business, you probably already know there are several ways of delivering training for your workforce. These include live classes, face-to-face talks, and using PowerPoint slides and training books among many others. However, using training videos for employees can give huge benefits – most likely even more beneficial than the other means of training. The type of videos you have will depend on your learning management system. (more…)

Scorm for Business

Scorm for Business – Using an LMS to Increase Productivity

In the current century, training as well as employee certification are key factors to consider in most modern businesses across the world. From industries that deal with gas production, to firms that deal with oil and manufacturing units, paint production as well as coating operations, there is the need to remain relevant in a competitive market. (more…)

what is scorm

What is Scorm

I know you might have heard a thing or two about Scorm, its features, advantages, and perhaps you might still be stranded, and you basically have no idea what Scorm is. If you might still be wondering what is Scorm, I have the answer for you! Well, for starters, Scorm is an abbreviation for Shareable Content Object Reference Model. (more…)